How long will my juice last after delivery?

Since our juice is fresh and has not undergone any pasteurization to maximize nutritional benefit, we recommend consuming the juice within 4 days of receiving your order. 

What kind of extraction method is used at Refresh House?

We pride ourselves in using a top of the line hydraulic cold press system. By doing so, we are able to maximize yield and provide a very high quality juice.

Must I be present for delivery?

Yes. It is very important that someone is available to receive your delivery due to need for refrigeration of fresh pressed juice. Please select a date/time where you will be present to receive your order. Once the order is delivered Refresh House is no longer liable for the care of the product.

Am I required to only drink juice and water during a cleanse?

Yes. In order to get the greatest benefit from your cleanse you must abstain from eating any and all food.

However, if this becomes too challenging one light meal can be consumed per day (breakfast or lunch recommended)

Will I gain energy during a cleanse?

Yes. During the first few days of your juice cleanse your body heavily detoxifies. you do this by utilizing the energy usually set aside for digestion. So, as a byproduct of slowing down or stopping your digestive process you gain lots of energy. Once the detoxification process begins to be completed, that extra energy is then used to fuel greater brain and body function.

Will I be hungry during a cleanse?

This is totally dependent on the person! Some people find they are hungry at first, and then their hunger subsides, while others feel completely full from the juices from the start.

How will I feel during a juice cleanse?

While it is common to feel general flu-like symptoms the first time you start a juice cleanse, this depends a lot on the diet and lifestyle of the person doing the cleanse. Some people don’t have any such symptoms, and for most people, the effects only last a few days before they feel the benefits—like increased energy and improved cognition. The only way to find out how you’ll feel is to give it a go!

Should I work out while on a juice cleanse?

During a juice cleanse, your body is dealing with internal stress, so you want to use this time to let your body rest and recover. If you do decide to workout, stick to low impact exercises, like yoga, light stretching or walking.